hatful of nostalgia

This page was set up on 10/08/15 to stand as a nostalgic reference to one of my old sites, which was opened in around october 2010 for a second time after I lost a subdomain site which was mysteriously deleted by my host all those years ago. It made me really sad, but I remember how proud I was of the new simplistic direction I'd ventured in when I opened this place, and I decided to stop slaving away making resources that nobody used and instead post the things I had made & liked whilst interacting with my countless web friends at the time. Lazily, I've used pre-coded CSS because mine was probably full of errors and I can't be bothered to code anything new. I may add some of my old content to this if I can find any. Feel free to hit me up if you like it here and want to chat. Or don't. Freedom of choice is an odd little concept.